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Nellai bicycle is a team formed by group of cyclists who are all willing to make the city cycle friendly with the help of the corporation. Every Monday morning they gather together and will go for a ride about 20kms in bicycle to create awareness among the people. They arrange many events to insist every people to ride bicycle around the city. They help the Tirunelveli smart city in Corridor project which connects main places in the city.

Urban ecosystems with their complexities are spaces for discovery, learning and design of new solutions that require a steady stream of fresh minds to infuse creative and dynamic thinking. Globally, local governments engage with academic institutions by providing students and fresh graduates internship opportunities to assist in research and fieldwork, thus creating the lab-to-land transfer of innovative solutions. This is mutually beneficial to students in gaining exposure to the functioning of cities and also to local governments as new solutions evolve for the city and a pool of talent gets created for absorption in the market. Activating this triple helix of stakeholders can go a long way in unleashing India’s demographic dividend and creating a talent pool that can pave the way for our cities becoming self-reliant.