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Tirunelveli Smart City envisioned to work on the ABD and Pan city based works enhancing the better town planning that would help the citizens for a better ease of living index and improves their standard of living.

The city of Tirunelveli is the fifth largest city in the Tamilnadu State in both population and land area. It is the 38th largest city in the country. The Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation has population of 473,637 of which 233,659 are males while 239,978 are females as per the report released by Census India 2011. Tirunelveli is located in the southern-most tip of the Deccan plateau. Tirunelveli is an important junction in the National Highway No.7 connecting India from the North to South. Tirunelveli is the traditional city poised with the water wealth from Thamirabarani River, placing it in an easily accessible location for both people and businesses. The city is spread over an area of 108.65sq.km.

Tirunelveli Smart City Limited, one of the smart cities proposed by Smart Cities Mission, Government of India, is currently implementing many Area Based Development (ABD) and PAN area projects. The major problems in the Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation are identified and technological solutions are implemented to improve the citizen life style. To be on the forefront of making traditional city of Tirunelveli in each and every aspect of infrastructure development, liveability, socio-economic development, prosperity, incorporation of e-Governance and ICT, surveillance & people safety and others, Tirunelveli City was selected in Round – 3 of Smart City Mission on 23.06.2017.