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Area-based Development(ABD) Projects

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Completed Projects
1. SWM Purchase of 270 No. Of BOV
2.  Improvement of existing STP site and providing protection wall aroundSTP site, formation of approach road to STP site both dustless surface and paverblock
3.  Truck Terminal
4.  Solar roof top
5.  Improvement of existing compost yard at Ramayanpatti and protection wall around compost yard, Construction of Micro Compost Center etc.,
6.  Improvement of Anganwadi Building

Projects Under Execution
1.  Smart motors in all headworks and UGD pumping station
2.  UGSS for uncovered areas phase II and phase III
3.   Formation of Smart road at T.M Road and junction road
4.  Formation of Smart road at Bharathiyar Street
5.  Formation of Smart road at VOC Street
6.  Modernization of existing junction Junction Bus Stand with Under ground parking
7.  Conversion of existing sodium Vapour lamps in to LED lights In Ward No 3, 5 and 6, 55
8.  Conversion of existing sodium Vapour lamps in to LED lights In Ward No 40, 41,42,43,44 and 53
9.  Development of Smart Road at Ganesapuram east street in Ward No. 6, Salai road in Ward No. 5, Sivan south Street in Ward No. 3 1)    and Sivasakthi Street in Ward No.
10.    Beautification around Nellaiappar Temple
11.    Integrated Command and Control Centre
12.  Nainar Lake front development
13.    Development of Smart streets Package 3 (South Mount Road, Railway Feeder Road)
14.  Development of Trade centre at SN High Road
15.  Providing additional new LED Street Lights and High mast Phase I
16.  Providing additional new LED Street lights existing pole and Ornamental street lights at ABD area leads to Swamy Nellaiappar temple Phase II
17.  Proposed Multi-Level Two Wheeler Parking at TM Road in Tirunelveli Corporation
18.  Bio-Mining at Ramayanpatti
19.  Development of commercial complex near Junction
20.  Construction of Multi level Two Wheeler parking at Tirunelveli Town Corporation Hospital Campus (Near Swami Nellaiappar Temple
21.  Development of Pedestrian pathway and Foot over bridge at SN High Road towards Swami Nellaiappar Temple
22.  Construction of storm water drain near junction bus stand

Tender Evaluation Projects
1.  Development of Smart Streets Phase II (Package IV) ( Pattupathu main Road Street, Thenpathu Salai Street, Magailvaithiyanathan Street, Velanthagai Pillayar Kovil street, Shenbagam Ottrai Street, Kallanai Street, Velanthangi Pillayar Street )
2.  Development of Smart Streets phase II (Package V) ( Manipuram Street, AP Madha Street, Vayal Street, Veerakaralam Panther Street, Vadampokki Street )
3.  Bose Market
4.  Redevelopment of Anganwadi
5.  Development of Smart streets – 1 ( Melamada street, South meda street, Anna street, Satyamoorthy street, Theppakulam west street, Satyamoorthy cross street, Theppakulam west street, Amman sannathi Street)
6.  Development of Smart streets – 2 ( Kattalai Street, Vaiyaputi N Street, Vaiyaputi S Street, Vaiyapuri Link 1, Vaiyapuri Link 2, Cheranmagadevi Road, Perumal South Car Street, Kariya Manicka Perumal Kovil Street 1, Kariya Manicka Perumal Kovil Street 2, Kariya Manicka Perumal Kovil Street 3)

Tender called for Projects
1.  Development of Kids Play Zone and stadium near Bharathiyar School
2.  Implementation and Enhancement of Scada System Phase I (Tirunelveli Zone)
3.  Procurement of Street Sweeping Machine and Jet Rodding Machine for Solid and Liquid Waste Management System (Due to BS6 Tender Postponed)
4.  "Procurement of vehicles for Solid Waste Management (Due to BS6 Tender Postponed)"

Board Approved on Projects
1. Construction of Washerman ghat with IoT at Karuppandurai and Vannarpettai in Tirunelveli Corporation (3 locations)
2.  Purchase of Hydraulic Mounted Vehicles for Cleaning open drain and Solid Waste management
3. Installation of Traffic Signages with IoT at Melapalayam Zone in Tirunelveli corporation
4.  Installation of Traffic Signages with IoT at Palayamkottai Zone in Tirunelveli corporation

Tender to be Called Projects
1.  Installation of e-Toilet and Incinerator in Tirunelveli Corporation
2.  Providing 58 MLD Capacity of Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) Method at Ramayanpatti